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04 Apr 2015 | Funk

Straight From The Stage: The Importance of Live Music

Newport, Rhode Island has seen a resurgence of original, live music in the last five years. Venues like Jimmy’s Saloon, The Cafe at Parlor and many more have been consistently bringing innovative and original acts from our own backyard and around the world. With genres ranging from punk to folk, hip hop to ska, metal to electronic, and everything in between, live music is on the comeback with lots of hard work from bands, promoters, venue owners and sound engineers.

Straight from the Stage | Part 01: Sid Abruzzi

What many people might not be aware of is the long and colorful history of live music in Newport. As part of an ongoing series of interviews, Jimmy’s Saloon and Collective Thought Media bring you this in-depth look into some of Newport’s past musical glory with the legendary Sid Abruzzi. Sid has been a staple of the counter-culture scene in Newport since the 70’s – with his pioneering surf and skate shop, Water Brothers and with his rock band Big World. Sid sat down with us to go over some of the highlights from the last 40 years of live music in Newport and Rhode Island.


 Straight from the Stage | Part 02: The Importance of Live Music

Collective Thought Media & Jimmy’s Saloon recently conducted interviews with several local musicians to discuss the importance of live music in Newport, RI. Everyone provided fascinating insights regarding their favorite aspects of live music in the city, personal influences and what we can all do to improve the local scene. Take a look and support live music!